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1995: The Year the Internet Broke

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In 1995, Hollywood discovered the internet. Amid the rise of web browsers, commercial ISPs, and news of high-profile hacking arrests, a torrent of networked features hit the big screen, including Hackers, Johnny Mnemonic, The Net, Ghost in the Shell, Virtuosity, and Strange Days. Much as cinema once valorized the Wild West, it was now pursuing a new kind of Manifest Destiny across the information superhighway at breakneck speed. And a younger, more diverse generation of console cowboys had a new rallying cry: “HACK THE PLANET.”

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the internet’s marquee year, Screen Slate presents a survey of wired features released in 1995. This collection contains critical essays, interviews, and personal reflections on major films released that year, along with other pieces placing a radically shifting new landscape in its cultural context: hackers on Hackers, a cyborg on Ghost in the Shell, the history of MTV Spring Break Online, a survey of cyber serial killers, and more.

72 pages | Lithograph printed | Full color | 5.5" x 8.5" | $12


>> Introduction - Expressway to Your Skull: The Road to 95
By Jon Dieringer

>> Welcome to the Drome: Usenet Memories from 1995
By Mark Lukenbill

>> When Technologists Were Heroes: Open-Source Advocate Brian Behlendorf Reflects On Hackers
By Sonia Shechet Epstein

>> Hackers on Hackers, 95 and Now
By Nadja Oertelt

>> The Information Network: Cyborg and Engineer Kevin Warwick on Ghost in the Shell
By Kevin Warwick

>> On Wanting Room Service
By Patrick Dahl

>> I, JTT
By Jon Dieringer

>> Downloading Death: The Digitized Serial Killer
By D. Burgos

>> Failures of Imagination: Kathryn Bigelow’s Beautiful Idiots
By Maxwell Paparella

>> Enter the TikkiLand: MTV Spring Break Online
By Ashley Blewer

>> Pizza and Apocalypse: Slicing Up The Net
By Jon Dieringer

>> Screen Slate Readers’First AOL screen names
As told to @ScreenSlate