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Nobody Stopped Him: Jim Carrey's 1994

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In a single year, comedian Jim Carrey achieved cultural immortality with no fewer than three iconic roles in the epoch-defining motion pictures Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (February 4, 1994), The Mask (July 28, 1994), and Dumb and Dumber (December 6, 1994). To mark the 25th anniversary, Screen Slate is pleased to present a modest survey of his work.

Patrick Dahl on Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
Caroline Golum (and her family) on The Mask
Tyler Maxin on Dumb and Dumber
Illustrations by Stephanie Monohan
Design by Anny Oberlink
Edited by Jon Dieringer

16p plus cover
Full color lithograph saddle stitch

Ships around April 20